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The telegraphing was fun and the relationship sweet albeit rife with the paternalism of the time.Then follows some fairly trite and predictable Comedic Misunderstandings whose purpose is to make sure the story fills the length of a book. If he had *any* fondness or respect for Celeste it would seem a nice comedic pairing, but being too much of a wimp to extract himself from the trap just foretells a creeping doom and despair from their nuptials.

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The two subplots have their own bewilderments: I'm perfectly happy for Cyn to devote herself to music but the trope of the woman who's been wronged in love therefore can never love more is... Why would an author put something into a sweet book as light relief?!

I was intrigued by the conceit--people in the 1800s were already having our texting problems!! Some of the parallels, more to the early days of internet chat programs, were amusing as was the writer's "I'm such a cool kid" tone in dropping the latest telegraphing slang. If this book had been written today, I would have found it dreadfully twee and affected.

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He was a renowned wit, but Bailey deftly contrasts this “social” Cheever with the man’s aloofness as a husband, father and friend.

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