Nod not updating

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Nod not updating

“And I think that’ll do, because it should hit the spinal cord and do more with less, so to speak. By the time Wednesday came around, she was so exhausted she could barely think straight. By the time she heard him approach her again, she’d already broken out in a sweat and was starting to tremble a little. He appreciated it openly, enjoying her willingness or her inability to stop him. She was left in the darkness, alone, and was utterly startled when she burst into tears. She was so busy concentrating on her position that she completely lost track of him.It came to his attention in the way things do, slowly, peeling away like an onion, each layer more confusing and shocking than the last. A part of her she had clearly wanted to remain hidden. He was just supposed to be loading a patch, after all, not poking around, but he was and the password protected files posed little difficulty. Perhaps it was the German in him or perhaps it was just that his cool blue eyes, blond hair and angular, handsome face made always caught people off guard when it erupted with anger. ” Her tone dipped low and quiet like a steaming furnace. Her calves trembled with tension; her shoulders were so tight they ached. Between the clicks and chirps, she got to where she could almost know where she needed to be in mere seconds. With his luck Shannon would walk in while he was too engrossed in her secrets to hear. She couldn’t exactly force him to leave, and she knew it. Quietly, methodically, he said, “Just talk to me, Shannon.” She employed a woman’s best defense: she shut down, went cold. She re-booted the computer and waited with her arms crossed. It helped that the collar had a unique label for each position.

She could do that: reach right inside him and twist him into knots. She stared at the monitor for a long time, before she navigated her not-quite-clever-enough file structure and found the file, her detailed notes, her drafts, her nearly finished design, and the schematics for the collar. Oh, she certainly loved him, but she just didn’t feel that sense of connection. She loved him, and she was losing him, and she didn’t know how to stop it. He’d piqued her curiosity and she wouldn’t forgive him for it. It had to be something really amazing.” She shook her head. He apologized, laid his briefcase on the bed and looked damn silly in his striped boxers, like an accountant who’d forgotten to dress for work. He spent a good minute and a half studying her beautiful ass, seriously tempted, but chose to forego any pleasure just yet. He did not bark at her, but with an understanding tone asked her directly to “get back in position.” She hesitated, her calves burning so bad, she could barely re-acquire her position, her bottom so hot she couldn’t seem to think of anything else. She pulled her head back by her hair again, forcing her eyes to meet his. “Y-yes, Sir.” It was a shamefully whispered reply, but it was a reply. He played with it idly, then dropped it and went to his computer and tapped at the keys. Down, eyes wider, more pitiful.” She tried to comply, finding herself making an inadvertent pouting expression with her lips. She went from begging to rolling around to sticking her rump up in the air. She was conversationally starved and seemed to perpetually hungry and sluggish. “Sorry, no, you’re fucking ripe.” She felt the hot flush fill her cheeks with head. She shrank, knowing what was coming, and wondering if another electrocution wasn’t worth it. Rather than have the collar wake you every hour or so when you chose to sleep, I found your notes on that sleep study you did. He started to ask the question, when she softly responded, “Some, not all.” He chuckled. ” She licked her lips, for the first time realizing that he’d addressed her by name and that she was still on her hands and knees. He tapped her inner thighs, spreading her legs farther apart. She hadn’t done anything, couldn’t talk about the book she’d started and nearly finished. One stage at a time, after all.” She gulped visibly. ” He leaned down and kissed her softly on the forehead. First question, how do you feel it’s going, Shannon? He took a few minutes to recover, caught his breath, gave her a slap on the ass, which made her giggle and eye him with pretend hurt over her shoulder. ” She tossed her ass and felt the first drip from between her legs. “The, uh, collar is back up, I mean, y’know, on and functioning fully. ” She grinned, beamed a little girl smile actually, which usually had him wrapped around her finger in no time. “And just in time, too.” He headed for the bathroom door. She missed the mirror though, and couldn’t be sure how good of a job she’d done on her hair without one to help. He kicked her legs back, forcing her to really stretch, uncomfortably so.He was more interested in cracking the code than what was inside, until he got inside and saw what she’d been doing. ” The furious blush crept down her neck spreading across her collar bone, the tops of her breasts and her bare freckled shoulders. “Get out.” He started to; he actually turned to leave, but caught himself. When he finally stopped, the Sun had gone down and her entire body was shaking.He pulled up file after file, agendas, time lines, long carefully constructed documents with each reference carefully footnoted, with an ever-expanding bibliography. She was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep, even if she didn’t get her REM.

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She knelt, tried going into her “Submit” pose, but it didn’t work.