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In 2006, as he neared the final weeks of a six-year stretch for murder and bank robbery, Chris Paciello faced something worse than prison: witness protection.He had ratted out the upper echelon of the Colombo and Bonanno crime families, so the former nightclub king of Miami was in no position to be walking around under his own name, the threat of a track-suit hit team lurking at every turn.Calandra’s gang also stole cars, sold pot and coke, robbed drug dealers and peddled high-caliber weapons. “I was about to say, ‘We had a disturbance at this address,’ but before I can say anything, I see this woman flying across the room. Paciello showed up at the Victory Inn with Lee D’Avanzo, leader of the New Springfield Boys, a Staten Island youth crew with whom he also did crimes. We said, ‘This is never to be spoken about again.’ ” But for years, Calandra was tormented by Judy Shemtov’s death. I didn’t go there to kill a woman.” Paciello kept bingeing.

That’s how much Paciello believed was stashed in the basement safe of Staten Island businessman Sami Shemtov, who lived in a Richmond Valley mansion.

They took over a dive bar owned by Mickey Rourke and run by a Gambino associate, turning it into a Miami version of the Palladium. There was no stopping Paciello, even when his club, invaded by goons, began to fade. The Binger ditched Caruso and partnered with Ingrid Casares, Madonna’s former lover, on a new venture, using 0,000 in insurance money from the fire to launch Liquid.

Before long, he was the hottest property in South Beach.

Back in Brooklyn, Calandra’s crew was turning on one another. The job went to Paulie’s pals Reynolds and Joey Calco, another Bath Avenue boy.

They shot Gulino in the back of the head in his parents’ kitchen, then inherited his ,000 a week in drug-dealing profits.

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