Carbon dating falacy

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Carbon dating falacy

Staying married is a good analogy for what we should be doing: seeking solutions and areas of agreement to support overall well being. Our brains don’t understand probability Do you know a guy who keeps a loaded shotgun under his bed?

You know, in case a gang of European terrorists storm into his house and try to kidnap his family?

And the refusal of consensus climate scientists to enter into debates with skeptics. We’re hard-wired to have a double standard [T]he fundamental attribution error . The reality is, of course, that you were on completely different roads.

The assumption that everyone’s circumstances are identical is so plainly wrong as to be borderline insane, but everyone does it. Accusing scientists of fraud and malfeasance with every mistake that is identified is not useful. theory that people figured out how to build arguments as a form of verbal bullying rather than a method of spreading correct information.

Here are excerpts describing the 5 fallacies, with some commentary from me re some examples from the climate debate: #5.

We’re not programmed to seek ‘truth’, we’re programmed to ‘win’ Think about the last time you ran into a coworker or family member spouting some easily disproven conspiracy theory.

Instead, he’ll rebut you by citing a news story or an anecdote about a guy who successfully fended off a Die Hard bad guy thanks to his trusty 12-gauge. Thus, any statement of “It’s very unlikely your child will be eaten by a bear, these bear traps in the yard are unnecessary and keep injuring the neighborhood kids” will always be answered with, “Say that when it’s child being eaten! It explains how extreme events (especially as they influence you or your country) or the lack thereof explain the waxing and waning of support for climate change policies in an individual country.Unfortunately, the very wiring of our brains ensures that all these lively debates only make us dumber and more narrow-minded.CRACKED magazine has a funny but insightful article entitled Logical fallacies that make you wrong more than you think.These days, being able to admit you’re wrong is the greatest skill you can develop if you want to stay married.JC comment: The warrior like tactics being used by proponents in both sides of the climate debate aren’t getting us anywhere; if either side actually ‘wins’ in terms of policies, they might end up .

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Experts say you’re almost definitely overshooting the truth.

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